Global, open and secure cloud services for education & research
OCRE: Open Clouds for Research Environments

OCRE: Open Clouds for Research Environments

As an official partner in the Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE), we are excited to offer our cloud services to the GÉANT community.

Simplified cloud provisioning & procurement

OCRE offers academic and research institutions a streamlined process for selecting and adopting cloud-based tools via a framework of agreements with service providers. GÉANT provides a pan-European network for scientific excellence, research, education, and innovation. This includes a catalogue of connectivity, collaboration, and identity services to its users and IT resources through the OCRE program.

Why move to cloud services?


Vastly improved collaboration and communication


Easy access to resources any time, any place


Reduced operational and management overheads


Scalability, flexibility, and agility


Modernized learning environments

Cloud challenges in academia

Despite being a major strength for education and research, cloud computing isn’t without its challenges.

The inadequacy of resources and expertise is often an issue alongside the complexity of cloud pricing. Lack of governance and policies can lead to incomplete visibility of cloud resources and spiralling costs. Putting in place compliance and security rules can be overwhelming.

On top of this, academia deals with vast amounts of data that need to be stored, filtered, and managed so that it is easily accessible to provide demonstrable value.

Orange is the European partner of choice to assist researchers and academia in their challenges to turn data into valuable insights.

A cloud for Europe

European compliance, European hosting
Flexible-Engine - trusted cloud

Flexible Engine : trusted cloud

With no global standard governing data sovereignty and privacy regulations, the landscape can be foreboding. We are here to help you navigate this dynamic terrain.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your most sensitive data is safe with us. We offer European hosting via 6 data centers located in Europe, European contact, and European compliance.

Supporting European cloud development

As a European provider, Orange complies with all European regulations, including GDPR, which prohibits the transfer or disclosure of data outside the EU, consolidating European citizens’ rights. It recommends encrypting data so the user can’t be pinpointed.
In addition, Orange operates its services and infrastructures in a strictly segmented way in the different territories. The GÉANT network connects to our European datacenters for OCRE to ensure that workloads from R&E institutes are handled within the European region. In this way, we provide strong isolation from non-European legislation like the Cloud Act, to protect our European customers.
Orange is also a founding member of GAIA-X and a pivotal contributor to developing guidelines and core services for a new federated, open data infrastructure in Europe.

Flexible Engine

Trusted, secure, powerful cloud

Flexible Engine is a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure from Orange Business Services, one of Europe’s largest digital services providers.

Built-on OpenStack, it is a proven platform supporting a wide range of services and customers.

Flexible Engine: Innovate thanks to Orange Business Services’ Public Cloud

Flexible Engine: Innovate thanks to Orange Business Services’ Public Cloud

Services and features

Virtual Machines

Petabytes stored

Customer domains


Guaranteed availability

Key features

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Virtual machines with computing, memory and operating system.

Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine

Kubernetes orchestrator to manage Docker containers.

Object Storage Service

Object Storage Service

Secure and reliable data storage at an affordable price.

Relational Database Service

Relational Database Service

Compatible with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostGre, MongoDB.



Full suite AI development platform that handles data integration (incl. labeling), training and inference.



Access to earth observation data collected from the Copernicus, the European satellite programme.

More than 50 services and features integrated into the platform.


Open, secure, flexible
Orange Cyberdefense - Build a safer digital society

Orange Cyberdefense – Build a safer digital society


Open standards

Built on OpenStack, one of the world’s most popular cloud computing platforms. As an open platform, there is no fear you will ever be locked in.


Maximum security

Maximum security with Anti-DDoS, Key Management Service, Web Application Firewall, IPS, URL filtering, vulnerability management and anti-malware. All backed by Orange Cyberdefense, Europe’s leading cybersecurity service provider.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Access exclusive OCRE pricing, either pay-as-you-go for more flexibility or subscribe for increased savings.

Cloud experts

Cloud experts

Our cloud experts will accompany you throughout your journey to the cloud, from migration to the operation of your platform. Benefit from customised expertise to optimise your cloud for your challenges.


Without complexity

AI can transform scientific research by sifting through vast amounts of data and analyzing data sets for invaluable insight.


ModelArts, the AI development tool within Flexible Engine, is an affordable, inclusive tool adaptable to all levels of expertise. Created to go straight from the box, it allows you to develop AI models for all your use cases: image, video, voice, object detection, scoring, recommendations, and exception detection.


ExeML allows you to model without code through a graphical user interface. Get pre-integrated models and train them via inheritance or TensorBoard virtualization toolkit. At the other end of the spectrum, ModelArts allows developers to take total ownership of their AI models from start to finish using tools such as Jupyter notebooks.


An AI can help you prevent image piracy by checking against massive stacks of images in libraries to spot where copyright infringements may have been made.

Why ModelArts is
a perfect fit for research and education

Happy computer

Easy to use for all skills levels


Adaptable to any use case


Supports the entire development process

Why Orange?

Five reasons for selecting Orange


1. Aligned with OCRE

Orange Flexible Engine is fully aligned with the OCRE Cloud Framework and is the ultimate choice for futureproofing our GÉANT cloud. As well as helping you with your cloud migration and ensure you get the best out of your cloud investment, we can also:

Optimize cloud spend

2. Optimize your cloud spend

Cloud cost optimization is paramount in planning, budgeting, and forecasting your cloud requirements. Our experts can help you make informed decisions about your cloud infrastructure, applications, and services to deliver the results you expect from your cloud investment.

No hidden cost

3. No hidden costs

Cloud costs can be notoriously tricky to manage. Our pricing is tailor-made with no hidden costs. You can pay-as-you-go for more flexibility or subscribe to optimize costs. Your billing is explained clearly and in detail to keep accurate track of the resources you are using and know exactly where your cloud budget is spent.


4. Provide on-the-ground support

The human touch is vital to us. We can offer a personalized service via our local teams on the ground. Training is given in person-specific to the solution you have chosen, which allows your users to sharpen their skills faster.


5. The right skills

The continuous training of our experts is one of our key priorities and enables us to rely on more than 500 technological and manufacturer certifications to support your projects.

Our Flexible Engine for the OCRE offers


Special discount programs for OCRE Cloud framework institutions


Workshops addressing essential Cloud services


No charge for outbound internet traffic


Direct connectivity with GÉANT network


Professional services, on-site support, and cloud coaches, available in English and French


24/7 support and introductory workshops for on-boarding


Management console to set Identity and Access Management (IAM) and manage resources

Additional reading

Practical advice for managing cloud computing and leveraging AI.


Sobloo earth data

Earth observation data is essential for assessing the impact of climate change, but the file sizes are enormous. Learn how to leverage this vital resource with sobloo, running on Flexible Engine.

Cost Optimization

Controlling cloud costs

You can better manage your cloud spend by continuously matching your cloud instance sizes to workloads and performance demands. This guide to rightsizing cloud resources will help you manage budgets and gain visibility into your cloud estate.

Ethical AI

Responsible AI

AI is transforming the way academic institutions carry out research. But there can be issues around data quality, data privacy and unconscious bias. Read this guide to the responsible use of AI in academia.

Rearchitect Apps

Rearchitecting applications

Academic institutions need to adapt to a new breed of students, researchers, and faculty that demands fast, efficient access to data. Application modernization is a vital ingredient in delivering this. Learn more about rearchitecting applications.

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